Håkan goes pocketable!

Bought this (less than 200 gram) camera a week ago. A fragment of the size compared to my usual DSLR.
The thing is you don´t have to think twice about bring it along. Of course its a compromise when it comes to picture quality. So the question is… is it good enough?

These are test shots in Gothenburg during one week. The latest from todays snowfall!

3 responses to “Håkan goes pocketable!

  1. I got the Canon G11 because the pictures my son was taking were so good. I used it as a second back up in Argentina and later in Africa. Wow, it changed my way of shooting. I think that you too will have a great experience. It looks like the Canon S90? I just find that I blend using both cameras now more than ever. My new purchase recently was the Panasonic underwater camera. I took it snorkeling and got good shots. Some are posted to my blog. Have a great a time with the new camera.


  2. Interesting Victor! I´ll take a look at your uw pics.
    The idea with this new little wonder is of course that it fits the pocket and my ambition is to have it there as much as I can. You`never know when that flying saucer passes by!

    Actually it´s a Canon Powershot S100. I also bought the UW house and I hope to be able to present some results from this combination in my blog in a short while.


  3. Under water pics are in Order of the Blue Thumb (imaged event). I had the camera underwater for about 40 minutes. Fish are hard to shoot. Everything moves in 3D, the subject and the photographer. Actually the video came out quite nicely. I have fried one Nikon in a Fantasea underwater housing. Insurance paid. And then I used another Nikon. No go. So I broke down and got the Panasonic DMC TS3. It’s good to 40 ft. I took a bunch but put the best up for the post. Underwater photos are another specialty entirely. I’ve also been doing ski photos. The movies and the pictures are good with the Canon. It’s much better than when I wrestled a Nikon SLR and a Sony video under my jacket.


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