Cordillera Oriental

COL10 121b

After a 1000 kilometer night bus ride from Santa Marta at the Colombian north coast towards Bogotá, we were welcomed by this view shortly after sunrise. Cundinamarca, Colombia January 13

Bye bye Bogota…


..and Colombia. Beautiful, kind, exciting and sensual!  A bit dangerous too no doubt,  but we saw not one incident during our 30 day visit!

Thank´s Jaime Navarro for making a success of our last day.

Come to Colombia


The Tayrona rainforest is teeming with life. It´s habitat for jaguars, monkeys, caimans, condors and many other species. This iguana I found on a rock sunbathing and checking out the beach-activity

The most impressive encounter though during the day-long walk in the national park was with the native Kogi tribe that live in the forest since before birth of Christ!

Colombia has it all, come and check out for yourself




This is William, an engineer from Bogota who has moved to Cali for political studies.

He got brains, he´s humorous and is a good dancer!

Este es William un ingeniero de Bogota quien se ha mudado a Cali para estudiar politica.

Es inteligente, humoristico y un buen balarin!

(in the background Klas trying to get some attention)